Season to Season (3, 6, or 10 month options at $150 per month, billed monthly))


Season to Season (3, 6, or 10 month options at $150 per month, billed monthly))


If you would like a shorter subscription, or to be billed monthly, this option gives you the freedom to start in the month of your choosing and continue for 3, 6, or 10 months.

Here’s how it works.

  • Choose the month you want to start and length of subscription.

  • Pay for the first bouquet now to activate your subscription. Juniper Blue will then send you invoices for the remaining months on the 1st of each month.

  • Floral subscriptions are delivered the SECOND THURSDAY of each month.

What to expect:

SEASONAL BEAUTY - Generous, buoyant bouquets of the freshest seasonal flowers around arranged in a natural, organic style. You can expect a huge bouquets of peonies in late spring, lush and fragrant garden roses and herbs in July and November, a wild mountain wildflower mix in late summer, dahlias in jewel tones in September, and an unexpected holiday combinations.

POETRY - Evocative handwritten cards in the tradition of classic Japanese Haiku, which observes and celebrates the gifts of the seasons as they pass.

For gift subscriptions, we include an additional gift card with a small phrase and your signature.

CURATED VESSELS - The vessels we deliver our flowers in are tasteful and understated in neutral ceramics, wood, or simple clear glass.

BOUTIQUE PACKAGING. PROFESSIONAL DELIVERY. - Each bouquet is secured for delivery in a sturdy recyclable custom gift box. Delivery is the second Thursday of each month.

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