Before the white chrysanthemum, the scissors hesitate for a moment. -Yosa Buson

Florals/Juniper Blue Studio    Artwork/Holly Wach Art

Florals/Juniper Blue Studio

Artwork/Holly Wach Art


Each year, I watch flowers and foliage in fields, forests and gardens as they mark the sun cycle in detail, rising to full leaf and blossom, then falling to wither and seed. I ponder how gracefully they accept productivity and dormancy, life and death, harmony and competition.

My work as a florist draws deeply from this perspective. I focus and reflect on the wild, seasonal, natural world as it presents itself in both harmony and dissonance. I seek to pull viewers into an awareness of the detail and design ever present in nature, from luxurious layered peony petals in June, to intricate silhouetted branches against a bare winter sky.

I have had the privilege of working with renowned floral designers such as Stanlee Gatti in San Francisco, Joel Fox in Portland, Oregon, and Jenn Pinneau of Nature Composed in Middleburg, Virginia. 



  - Moriah Harris, Owner and Lead Designer