Just give me flowers and the sea.


Juniper Blue is a floral design studio based in Providence, Rhode Island. Our mission is to complement and enliven interior spaces with thoughtfully composed flowers and foliage. Our work lush and garden based and is featured galleries, restaurants, and hotels. We also provide florals for private homes and residences.

We celebrate New England's rich agricultural history by relying primarily on flower farms in Rhode Island, Massachusetts, and Connecticut for our supply of fresh blossoms and foliage. In the colder months, we expand to offer imported blooms grown in warmer climates.

Our work begins with a comprehensive on-site consultation. Together, we examine the space to get a sense of how flowers and foliage can interact with light, texture, and color already present. The goal of this time is to unlock a collaborative vision of how to bring flowers and foliage into the space in visually meaningful way.

We welcome the opportunity to work with you.